PFLAG is a support based organisation run by parents of gays and lesbians.
They are committed to helping other parents who are going through what they have gone through.

They are there to help educate and to help change laws that discriminate against the gay and lesbian community.

When you find out your child or loved one is gay or lesbian you feel isolated and often confused and very much in need of having someone to talk to.

Because members are parents in the same situation, who’s better to talk to than them. PFLAG hold regular meetings for parents, families and friends to have somewhere safe to go and get support.

Everyone needs to feel accepted and you will always be welcomed and accepted at their meetings.

They pride themselves also on being confidential, so you needn’t worry about being outed before you wish to be.

Remember, they all have been through the same as you and know where you are coming from.

PFLAG have a great resource of books to borrow and most have phone support lines where you can just call and speak to someone. They are always willing to listen.

PFLAG was started in the USA in the early 70’s by a mother of a gay son. It is now world wide and going strong.

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