Gay Support Groups

We as parents of gay children need gay support groups to help us adjust to the news that has possibly shocked, disapointed and confused us.

Because it is new to us and we are probably finding it hard to cope, we need support.
This support is often easier to cope with if it comes from people in the same position as ourselves or at least by people who have been there and are now comfortable with life as a parent or loved one of a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered person.

Just because our child has ‘come out’ to us doesn’t mean he or she is not feeling confused and unsure just as we were.

Often, it has taken years for some gay people to come to terms with their own sexuality, let alone being brave enough to expose themselves to people they love.

Believe it or not but some glbti people have never knowingly met another glbti person and think they are alone.
Just as you probably felt about yourself not knowing anyone gay until your own child or loved one came out.

When we find out about our children we think we are the only ones suffering but sometimes it is our kids that are as well.

Some of the insecurities that they may find difficult to cope with are the thoughts of rejection from the people they love.

Some dislike themselves because of their religion, others may worry about being isolated and not being able to find a partner.

There are several reasons for your gay loved one to be insecure and confused because of his or her sexuality.
Just as you were when confronted by your son or daughter.

Because of all this they may need support also.

This may come in the form of supportive friends and family.
Which is so important!

Even if they do have this valuable support, they may still need added support from their same sex attracted peers.

After all, everyone needs to belong and know they are not alone.

This is where gay support groups are wonderful for your loved one that has just come out.

There will be so much for them to learn as well as getting support.

Some of you will have older, younger, married, religious children/loved ones that have come out to you and all may need different support.

This is where the internet is fantastic. It is world wide and offers a very wide range of information.

There is some sort of support for just about anyone and everyone.
You just need to look and find what is right for each individual.

I’m not going to list any support groups as such, but I will give some examples of support that is available.

There are support groups for young, older, married, same sex parents, different religions, hiv and health issues, gender issues, etc.

These may help with coming out issues, work related worries, same sex parenting, hobbie groups or being an introduction to meeting other people the same as themselves.

All these support groups in one way or an other play a very important role in educating and supporting people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered.

Please keep in mind that not all glbti people wish to be involved in any of these groups and are quite comfortable going along the way they are.
But, there will be others that will.

Every human being is unique and every human being has different needs.

So, if you have just found out about your child or loved one, please do not go running around looking for support groups for them as they may not need them, just keep the communication open and give them your full support.

If in fact that through talking to your child or loved one that you realise he or she is feeling very isolated and unhappy, then talk to him or her about support groups out there that may be of benefit.

A point to remember is that support groups do not have to be groups as such, as some people are not comfortable in this situation.

They can be in the form of a chat line, a help line, sporting club, social evening, etc.

Support can be given in so many ways!

The important thing is for people not to be left feeling alone, unloved and unwanted.

They need to be able to share their feelings, concerns, their joys and their achievements in life with people who understand and care.

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