Gay Books

Listed below are some recommended gay books (help related) for you to read.

When I first found out about my sons both being gay I read lots of books. The more you read the easier it becomes to understand. Gay Books (help related)will help you understand and accept your gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender child.
Gay Books (help) For Parents, Friends And Families Of Gay,Lesbian And Bisexual Children

* Family Secrets: Gay Sons – A Mother’s Story
Jean M Baker. Haworth Press, 1997

*How Homophobia Hurts Children: Nurturing Diversity at Home and at School
Jean Baker. Harrington Park Press, 2002

*Straight Parents, Gay Children: Keeping Families Together
Robert A Bernstein, Thunder’s Mouth Press, 1995

*Straight Parents, Gay Children: Inspiring Families to Live Honestly and with Pride
Robert Bernstein, Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2003

*Family Outing
Chastity Bono. Little, Brown and Company, 1999

*Adolescence: A Guide For Parents
Michael Carr-Gregg and Erin Shale. Shale Finch Publishing, 2002

*Loving Someone Gay
D Clark. Celestial Arts, 1997

*Our Daughter Martha: A Family Struggles with Coming Out
Marcy Clements Henrickson. Pilgrim Press, 2001

*A Mother Looks at the Gay Child
Jesse Davis. New Falcon Publications, 1997

*Love, Ellen: A Mother/Daughter Journey
Betty Degeneres. Quill, 2000

*Now That You Know
Betty Fairchild and Nancy Hayward. Harvest Books, 1998

*Not Like Other Boys: Growing Up Gay – A Mother and Son Look Back
Marlene Fanta Shyer and Christopher Shyer. Alyson Books, 1997

*Coming Out, Coming Home
Joan Golding and Peter Wood. Spectrum, 1998

*Out of the Twilight: Father’s of Gay Men Speak
Andrew Gottlieb. Haworth Press, 2000

*Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians and Gays Talk About Their Experiences
Griffen et al. St Martin’s Press, 1997

*Is it a Choice?
Eric Marcus. Harper San Francisco, 1999

*What if Someone I Know Is Gay?
Eric Marcus. Price Stern Sloan Publications, 2000

*My Child is Gay
Bryce McDougall (ed). Independent Publishers Group, 1998

*Different Daughters: A Book by Mothers of Lesbians
Louise Rafkin (ED). Cleis Press, 2001

*Out of the Closet, Into Our Hearts: Celebrating Our Gay/Lesbian Family Members
Laura Siegel and Nancy Lamkin Olson. Leyland Publications, 2001

*Coming Out As Parents: You and Your Homosexual Child
David K Switzer. Westminster John Knox Press, 1997

*Friends and Family: True Stories of Gay America’s Straight Allies
Dan Woog. Alyson Books, 1999

Gay Books For Parents Of Transgender Children

*Trans Forming Families
Mary Boenke. Walter Trook, 1999

*He’s My Daughter: A Mother’s Journey to Acceptance
Eve Langley. Indra Publishing, 2002

Gay Books On Religion

*The Rainbow Kingdom, Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled

David Shelton. Lulu Press 2006

*Homosexuality and Religion
Richard Hasbury (ED). Harrington Park, 1990

*What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality
Daniel A Helminiak. Alamo Square Press, 2000

*Is the Homosexual My Neighbour? A Positive Christian Response
Letha Scanzoni and Virginia R Mollenkott. Harper San Francisco, 1994

*The New Testament and Homosexuality
Robin Scroggs. Fortress Press, 1984

*Living in Sin? A Bishop Re-thinks Human Sexuality
John Shelby Spong. Harper Collins Publishers, 1990

*Why Christianity Must Change or Die
John Shelby Spong. Harper San Francisco, 1998

*This Remarkable Gift: Being Gay and Catholic
Morris Shinnick. Allen & Unwin, 1997

*God Loves Faggots Too
Debra Self. Publish America

*A Biblical Defense Guide For Gays, Lesbians And Those Who Love Them Craige Bettendorf. Trafford Publishing

Gay Books For Straight Spouses

*When Husbands Come Out Of The Closet.
Jean Scharr Gochros. Harrington, 1989

*My Husband Is Gay: A Woman’s Guide To Surviving The Crisis.
Carol Grever. Crossing Press, 2001

*Married Women Who Love Women
Carren Strock

*The Other Side Of The Closet.
Amity Peirce Buxton

*Uncommon Lives: Gay Men & Straight Women.
Catherine Whitney.

Gay Books For Children Of A Gay Parent.

*Coping When A Parent Is Gay.
Deborah A Miller, Ph D

*There’s Something I’ve been Meaning To Tell You.
Laralee Pike.

Gay Books For Bisexuality

*GettingBi Voices Of Bisexuals Around The World.
Robyn Ochs, Sarah E.Rowley


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